In Washington State, 180,000 legal immigrant residents qualify for U.S. Citizenship. Thousands of these immigrants live in North Central Washington. The application process can be costly and this keeps many eligible immigrants from applying. Today the process of becoming a U.S citizen is lengthy and complex. Many qualified applicants are afraid of this process and without individualized instruction, counsel, and encouragement they will never complete it and become U.S. citizens.


What we provide: A physical location where people can get information and guidance; individual, confidential, on-on-one guidance through the required paperwork; a significant cost reduction that offers incentive for individuals to apply for citizenship; free classes that prepare students to take the citizenship test and interview; free classes in civics and the rights and responsibilities of U.S. Citizens; a support system that will encourage and motivate immigrants to become U.S. citizens.


What we have accomplished: Since April 2016 Hand in Hand has provided more than 200 Citizenship and Civic education classes that average 30 people per class and has assisted an average of 425 people  in gaining U.S. Citizenship Certificates yearly. Hand in Hand has also facilitated and coordinated 100 local public citizenship ceremonies.