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As a new community member, there are many barriers to engaging fully in one’s new home. Immigrants often face language, technology, and education barriers, and more often than not, are unjustly discriminated upon. Hand in Hand is committed to breaking down these harmful barriers and dedicated to providing supportive and empowering programs for immigrants in our community.


Through your involvement in Hand in Hand, you are truly paying it forward to a future that belongs to us all.

 Volunteers are are needed for:


  • Teaching civic class (in English or Spanish)

  • Tutoring  (in English or Spanish)

  • Board and Committee services

  • Translating

  • Website Design

  • Photography

  • Graphic Design

  • Fundraising  

  • Marketing 


Want to make an impact in your community?

    Don’t see your talent listed above?   

Tell us how we might use your talents.

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