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Our federally accredited staff is authorized to assist with the following services: 

Eligibility Screening

  • Assesses your eligibility and options for US Citizenship

Naturalization Process

  • Legal representation

  • Preparation and filing of N400/N600 forms

  • Managing your case as you become a US Citizen

Miscellaneous Services

  • AR-11 Report of Change of Address

  • I-90 Application for Renew/Replace Green Card

  • I-912 Fee Waiver

  • Passport

  • Accompaniment to USCIS Interview


How much will it cost?

Hand in Hand charges a nominal fee to facilitate each Naturalization process, from screening to oath. Please see our Fee Schedule for the cost associate with your particular needs. Please see our Outreach Fee Schedule if you intend to utilize our legal services remotely. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the Fee Schedules. 


No client will be denied services due to an inability to pay in accordance with the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

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