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Before Hand in Hand partnered with the Church of the Nazarene, it was  a satellite office of World Relief-Spokane. World Relief was instrumental in identifying a need for immigration services in the Wenatchee Valley and encouraged Hand in Hand to become its own organization. Hand in Hand received federal accreditation in April of 2015 and has been serving lawful permanent residents through language and civic education, legal services and outreach ever since. We are an organization with an experienced staff who are committed to breaking down barriers that prevent immigrants from participating fully in their community.

Hand in Hand 

Immigration Services today

It is well known that churches and religious organizations have historically represented a safe place for immigrants seeking advice and assistance. For this reason, churches in the Wenatchee area and elsewhere have offered assistance and classes relating to U.S. immigration.  In order for DOJ accredited individuals to work out of a specific location, that location has to meet the approval of the federal government. In 2014 Missio Dei/Table Church (affiliated with the Church of Nazarene) stepped forward, obtained approval, and generously offered Hand in Hand a location and support for our operations. Now Hand in Hand is a 501c(3) tax-exempt charitable non-profit organization.

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