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A Time of Giving

Give NCW is an online fundraising campaign supporting nonprofit organizations across North Central Washington from Thanksgiving to December 31st. Each organization has been vetted by the Foundation and is doing great work to make our communities better places for all.

Minimum donation is just $10 and 100% goes to the nonprofits you support.

Donate on Funday Mondays and be entered to win $1,000 to use on Give NCW any way you choose! 

Why donate to Hand in Hand?

Helping Legal Permanent Residents with Naturalization

Throughout NCW, there are thousands of legal permanent residents who have lived and worked in our communities for decades who just need help and encouragement to navigate the citizenship process. Since 2012, Hand in Hand Immigration Services has been a trusted place where local families turn to get accurate, up-to-date information on the citizenship process. Last year, Hand in Hand helped 100 legal permanent residents with their naturalization. This year Hand in Hand has helped 126 people, currently legally residing in our communities, to enjoy the full benefits of US citizenship – including exercising their right to vote and having a voice in our democracy. Our team of trained staff and volunteers can provide the knowledge and support they need to take that final step of reaching the American Dream. With your financial help we can help those families who struggle to make ends meet pay for application fees and other necessary expenses to make their dreams a reality. Please donate today to help us make our community a better place to live for all.

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Call the Community Foundation at

(509) 663-7716

Online visit the Community foundation

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